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If you live in the Low Country, are on Instagram, and are even remotely interested in plants, you've probably come across Thomas Berolzheimer (aka, Garden Tom).  Three years ago, he discovered this passion and quickly went from novice planter to grower extraordinaire. His thirst for learning has resulted in the immaculate, expansive garden that he has today. And he shares that learned knowledge on his site for fellow gardeners to glean from or "grow-a-long".

Three Things I learned from Tom:

    1. Thomas is pushing for a 10% mulch goal— so only 10% of his garden beds will be mulch. To keep the beds interesting but not too busy he plans to use low grasses and ground covering plants. Thomas likes to have a variety of plants in each garden bed, and feels like mulch can be wasted space.

    2. I had never heard of a Belgian Pear Fence before, but it is a special way of growing pear trees in a grid so they turn into a fence like structure. We saw the beginnings of this, and I can’t wait to follow up with Thomas as it begins to bloom!

    3. Along with planting florals his wife loves, and fruits for his daughters to eat, Thomas especially loves fig trees. He is currently working on a specialty fig tree collection. He was kind enough to give me one of his extras. He turns to the internet to connect with other fig tree gardeners who share their trimmings with one another. There is a space for everyone on the internet!!!



    Here's what's currently growing in Tom's Garden 

     Tulip Magnolia, Camelias, and Kumquats


    Brocolli, Collection of Specialty Figs, and Tulips

    Daffodils, Citrus, and Strawberries (for his daughters)


    Paintings Inspired By My Time With Tom

    It was really inspiring to walk around and witness Thomas's vision come to life.  Where I view light as a way to give a painting depth and dynamism, Thomas views light as a necessary life source for his plants. Some require full sun, while others prefer partial sun or shade. For example, citrus needs a lot of sun. So when painting a composition inspired by his citrus plants, I knew that the piece needed to be vibrant and glowing, full of sun! With this series, ultimately I became more considerate of the shapes I was using and what light each composition needed.





    How do you feel about gardening? Do you love it? Do you feel like you're in the weeds (metaphorically or literally)? Let me know your thoughts. And whether you are just getting started or are an avid gardener, check out Thomas's site to learn more!

    If you want to see more of the paintings from the series, sign up to receive the lookbook for this collection.

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    Mar 25, 2022

    How Beautiful!

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