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I love the hope of a blank canvas...

...empty rooms, and white walls. They offer so much space to play and dream and try all sort of new things. I love the fresh feeling and rush of creative energy. When I am faced with these open spaces I am overjoyed not because I love them as is, but because I love the chance to create in them. This a show dedicated to the filling of the blank spaces to create the color of home.



I was offered this raw space to host my show. I got to fill the space with the warped window panes, oak trees, climbing flowers, swaying sailboats, marinas, sparkling water, and sunsets. Typically painted on interior walls, the colors include Farrow & Ball’s Drawing Room Blue, Red Earth and Nancy’s Blushes. They pop and blend joyfully in paintings that are made to put people at ease. Home has always been the coast for me, so the scenes are full of sails and the sea.



  I grew up in an old house that was constantly being made new. It had creaky wooden floors loosely covered in rugs my mom was always switching out. It was white with black shutters and a front door we painted to match the season. The view of the Severn River stayed the same yet never quite stopped changing.

My pieces in this series reflect this unchanging newness. There are big paintings in bright colors of water scenes that will always have my heart. Yet I have worked on a fresh reflection of this same style. The monochromatic pieces play with tone and shade in way that shows the same color in a new way. The linocut pieces show the change in hues as the sun and the season progress. 


I am excited to invite you all to the Color of Home. I hope you come and remember what your favorite porch felt like under your feet or the way the sun spilled in window of your childhood home. I hope the paintings remind you of the coastal breeze, the fresh oranges you picked yourself, and the falling into a rocking chair at the end of a long day at the beach.

I want you take something home with you that night, a painting, a print, or an ease in your shoulders from feeling at home.

'The Color of Home'

Thursday, March 15, 2018 from 5-8pm

at 267 Rutledge Ave Charleston, South Carolina.

All pieces will be available here at Friday, March 16 at 10am EST.


"The Color of Home" is in collaboration with Farrow & BallBasic Projects, and Celadon 


***Thoughts and paintings are mine, words written by my amazing sister, Caroline! Email her for all your writing needs!***


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