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I absolutely love the beach. I especially love looking at the shore while swimming in the water because you can see the vast ocean in one eye and the tiny shore in the other. I painted these pieces from that perspective. I wanted to focus on the juxtaposition of the organic textures of the sea, against the clean lines of a seaside home. Enjoy!

What is your favorite time to be at the beach?

5 o'clock- because it's not so hot, nor are there as many people. Plus, the sun begins to head into a sunset! 

Top three favorite beaches you've traveled to. 

Sanibel Island, Florida - The shore is sprinkled with the most beautiful shells. 

Capri, Italy - I love the rocky textures against the gorgeous turquoise water!

Camps Bay, South Africa - There's so many beautiful tidal pools, and they run right into the mountains in Cape Town. 





What are 5 things you always bring to the beach?

1. Floppy hat and SUNSCREEN

2. A sprite with ice in it

3. Portable speakers and The Beach Boys on repeat!

4. Cheez-Its ... the best snack!

5. Posie, my ADORABLE golden retriever 


Why does the beach inspire you?

I really love how the water is constantly changing. Sometimes it's rough and has white in it and other times it's calm and blue.  It's crazy to travel and see how the ocean can be so many different shades of green and blue... I'm so drawn to those cool tones. I like the combination of textures - the grainy sand, the foamy water, and the big sky. 


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