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Throughout my childhood, on a Saturday in the beginning of April my mom would declare it the opening day of the porch. We would sweep off the floor, wipe down the table, and drag a dozen Carolina blue cushions up from the basement. From the warmth of early spring, through the heavy humidity of July, to the beginning crisp of October our lives were more or less ‘Al Fresco.’

As the days get longer, we all throw open the doors and begin the ritual of sharing meals around an outdoor table. This year especially, there’s a deep yearning for laughing with friends, sipping sweet wine, while dipping crunchy bread in oil. We long for the days of morning farmer’s markets, afternoons fishing and dinners made from the spoils. Yet, whether our tables are full of everyone we love, or more empty for the sake of everyone we love, spring is still coming.
I hope these paintings remind you of your morning coffee on a back porch or of the mess of cleaning up the low country boil. I hope you have space on your wall to remind you of the glorious, yet ordinary days. I hope they fill you with gratefulness for the people and the memories and the backyard table that witnessed it all.

Thoughts and paintings are mine, words written by my amazing sister, Caroline!


Mar 26, 2020

Love your new series! So full of your gifted touch and hope. What are the dimensions of the three you allowed us to preview?!

Jill Hettermann
Mar 26, 2020

Love your style and colors….and so happy to have a “new”favorite artist here in CHS

Mar 26, 2020

What a lovely series to look forward to!

Jane A Chitwood
Mar 26, 2020

Lovely!! Abs0lutely lovely!!

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