'Al Fresco' Tablecloth

In our wedding vows, Curtis and I promised to live together by the sea. More than a commitment to the location of our home, it set the tone for the type of abundance we wanted to weave through our daily lives. To us, the sea represents plenty, plenty of fish, plenty of sunshine, plenty of time to slow down on a Sunday afternoon.

This May, Curtis and I filled a day with all of the joy of our coastal life. We spent the morning fishing, casting lines in between the marsh reeds. Then we invited our friends to cook with us, grilling fish, chopping herbs, adding olive oil and sea salt along the way. We all ended around the dinner table, outside in the evening sun.

I created a tablecloth because I know how often good days end with extra chairs pulled up to the table, and food being passed in uncoordinated directions. With our names embroidered in the center, we declare this as our full, abundant table, reflecting our full, abundant lives, not because of the food but because of the people who gather to eat.

I hope you have days and tables of plenty, and if not by the sea, bringing the spirit of the coast to wherever you are.

'Al Fresco' Tablecloth will be available June 17th at 10am EST.

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  • Deede Grainger on

    What are the dimensions of the table cloth please…….

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