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It's the holiday season!!! This year I am adding a new product to the Holiday Shop! 


s t a r   t r e e   t o p p e r s 

They have been so fun to make! I wanted each to be unique in the pattern painted as well as the shape. 


First, I painted 1/4 inch thick wood with patterns reflecting the details you see in my paintings. I used a light peach, shades of gold, and even some iridescent paint! 


Then I will tape off the star shapes so they each fit the specific sizes I am offering.

From there, I've been using my band saw to cut each one.

Finally, I sand the edges and put a toothed clip on the back, perfect for the top of your tree. I am also offering a D Hook to be attached to the back instead of a clip if you'd rather hang yours. 

They will be released on the first Friday release of Christmas, beginning with Black Friday at 10am! You'll be able to shop them here on! 


Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

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