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You might have noticed a fun little card attached to your original Blakely Made works. Its two-toned nature might have made you marvel "Why does the card look like this? With its criss-crossy pattern and fold lines?" Well we decided to tuck in a treat with each piece. The card is meant to be cut in half: The cream side becomes a to/from label and the green, when skillfully cut and folded, becomes a star embellishment. So fun, right?


But we didn't want to leave you in the dark on how to create this star ornament. Here is our step-by-step guide to add a touch more magic to your holiday wrapping.


  • Scissors
  • Glue stick or glue dots
  • A needle and thread
  • A clean workspace

Step 1: Cut the card in half

Step 2: Flip over and fold

On the back of the green square, there are a series of lines. These are folding guides for the star. The first order of operations is to fold the square on the lines in half lengthwise and width-wise (or if you were taught this way: hamburger and hotdog folds)

Step 3: Unfold and fold diagonally

Flatten your square back out and then fold the paper in half diagonally to create a triangle. Unfold and fold the other way diagonally. Flatten paper back out.

Step 4: Cut on dotted lines

There are four dotted lines on the paper. Take scissors and cut on those lines.


Step 5: Fold cut bits at an angle

Where you just cut the paper, take each new slit and fold it at a point. Go around the paper until you have created 8 folds. See images for clarification.

Step 6: Glue folds

You might be noticing that there is a sketchy design on the folds you just created. You will be gluing one of the two flaps on each of the corners of the star. Once you glue one flap, secure the flap next to it on top, creating a 3D point.

Step 7: Thread needle and poke hole in corner of star

Fill out the To/From portion of the card. Take your needle and thread it with string. Poke a hole in one of the star points and then poke a hole in the To/From card. You could poke a hole and thread it with any ribbon, yarn, or string that you have on time.


Congrats! Now you know how to make an folded star! We hope you make a garland of these cute ornaments to bring some extra cheer to your home.


Ho ho ho, Blakely

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