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Idea Book, Vol. 2 -pg 3-4

What colors represent summer for you + why? Post a comment below!

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  • Curroummatty on

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  • Brooke Basinger on

    Wine country blue sky (is that a color?) amongst the beautiful, warm peachy salmon color of morning sunrise. Gosh. Enough to make me cry! to me, it represents a new day & another chance.

  • Louisa on

    I love soft blues and crisp whites for summer! Earthy greens too- they remind me of sitting on the porchswings of my Granmothers white farm house in Louisiana in the summer heat, with green trees and blue skies as far as the eye can see!

  • Dalen Small on

    Forrest green, peach, pale pink, and yellow!

  • EMily aRzani on

    Yellow!!!!!!! And like green and comfort color blue!!!!!!!!!

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