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Linocut prints are a simple way to do printmaking without a printing press. It is basically just like creating a big stamp!
In these pieces, the foreground was printed from my carvings into a linocut block, while the background was painting and draw to make each piece different. I love being able to combine printmaking with my first love, painting.
First, I drew the image I wanted to convey on the linoleum. Then, I carved out all the negative space, so all that was left was the image. For this print, I chose to only use one color. This means for any shading or tones I had to consider the amount of linoleum I was carving out. For example, the shadows from the flower pots would be very dark, but I didn’t want the floor of the space to be pure white, so I carved stripes to give it a mid tone.
Then, I mixed a deep blue with a touch a green and rolled the navy evenly across the linoleum. 
Center the linoleum on the paper and press evenly with a book, or something flat and sturdy. 
Peel the linoleum away from the paper from one corner, and ta da! 
I made about 15 prints, and chose the best nine to paint the scene into. 
These pieces will be available at my show "The Color of Home" on March 15 from 5-8pm at 267 Rutledge Ave. Then, they will be release on my website at March 22 at 10am along with the other works on paper from the show.
They will be framed in a white frame with floating on a white mat, and I hand signed each piece in pencil. 


Mar 25, 2024

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