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I took a class in college called ‘Understanding Creativity’ with Professor Jeanette Guinn and an Idea Book was our first homework assignment. This book would provide a place for the RAW--- raw ideas, loose drawings, pieces of the world that I was collecting through magazine clippings, printed photos, even the packaging on my hair spray. ‘Understanding Creativity’ taught me that I could propel my own creativity by setting up my life in a certain way. I can implement habits to combat fears, take steps to always be growing, and adjust my mindset to be confident in my work. Does it always work? Of course not! But, it helps!

For me, the anchor was keeping an Idea Book regularly. This process works for me because as I focus on completing the current series, I have a place for any other ideas that flood my mind. It also gives me a place to look for ideas as I try to figure out what my next series will be. I can flip through the pages and look for themes, or even a single idea that could be expanded upon. This helps me answer the looming question of ‘What’s next?’

Most of the ideas in this book will never come to fruition, but some will become full series that I’ll work through for years. My hope in showing you some of the pages of my book is to give you a glimpse into my mind. To show you how I process thoughts, what strikes me, and renderings of scenes and objects in my life.

Twyla Tharp in the Creative Habit says, “No one can give you your subject matter, your creative content; if they could, it would be their creation and not yours. But there’s a process that generates creativity--- and you can learn it. And you can make it habitual.”

So, I am excited to begin sharing a page of my book once a week, and I hope it inspires you!




Jun 06, 2021

Thank you for the inspiration! I love the book you are using for ideas and inspiration. I would love to know what type of notebook your using. It looks like a manageable size. ❤️

Aleli R Howell
Apr 26, 2021

great concept—- thank you for sharing !!! Really , really appreciate it / thnx/ aleli

Jun 12, 2020

I love this notion of an ‘idea book’ and I love getting a glimpse into yours. Can you share what brand of notebook/journal you’re using for this? I’m going to give this a try. Thank you!

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