"Sun, Moon + Sea" Collection Now Available!

Sun, Moon + Sea - Coming Soon

Summer on the coast is a recipe of bright sun, hot humid beach days, evening thunderstorms, and walks under the moon with locusts humming in the background. From morning all the way to evening, colors change as the light moves. Through photos and sketching, I've captured some of my favorite coastal moments in my ideabook and translated them into paintings for this collection: Sun, Moon + Sea.
This year's collection was a bit different, as I made fourteen pieces on raw canvas. Working on raw canvas allows the paint to soak into the surface and create smooth washes of color. It was definitely a learning curve, but I really enjoyed the challenge of letting the paint and water move with a bit less control from me. 
There will also be 30 works on paper, similar to last year-- layers of acrylic paint, pencil details, wax pastel on top.
My favorite part of creating these was working  towards a harmonious color palette for each piece, then interrupting that palette with small details in contrasting colors. You will find tiny purposeful lines and dots of bold color that represent the sparks of joy we feel when immersing ourselves in summer life.

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  • Louisa on

    Arm looking tan and strong !!

  • Barbara Norris on

    There’s not one thing you create that I don’t LOVE. Keep it up, Blakey!

  • Deede Grainger on

    Love your new beach series…….

  • Lauren Swann on

    Gorgeous as always, Blakely!!

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