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This year I’ve expanded the collection to feature detailed pieces of treasures found. I love the zoomed-out nature of these expansive seascapes combined with the zoomed-in details of the seashell pieces. Sometimes, I collect these treasures because they're rare or new to me. But usually, I do so because they remind me of special people and special moments: Sharks' teeth collected with friends, shells you dove deep for, or pressed flowers from your usual spots. They are tangible pieces of memories.


The collection of Seashells will go live at 10am EST on Sept 1. When I created these pieces, I built them as diptychs because I felt like the natural elements and the lines of the canvas or paper were a beautiful juxtaposition. I can't wait to see how these collections of treasures will be cherished in your space!

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angi sfsdds
Nov 10, 2022


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