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the story behind Annabelle's Prints

I've made a series of three prints with my friend Annabelle. Annabelle is a sweet friend I met through YoungLife. This summer Annabelle will be doing humanitarian work with Surf The Nations. 

Based in Wahiawa, Hawaii, Surf The Nations impacts local and international communities through surfing and serving. It is a non-profit compiled of all voulenteers with the motto, "Surfers Give Back." The humanitarian group was created with the hope of changing the typical surf culture of partying and drugs and transform it into a culture of service and love. They focus on serving the hungry, poor and homeless. 

Annabelle is a junior in high school and will be going to volunteer for Surf The Nations this summer. 100% of the three 12X12 prints will go to her fundraising. To shop these pieces click HERE

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